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    First Digital BPO
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    Myanmar’s Future
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    Contact Center | Digital Solutions | Managed Services

    reimagine outsourcing

About Us

YellowStone Myanmar Limited was established in 2018 with the vision of providing World Class Business Services in South East Asian countries like Myanmar and adjoining countries in the region, with offices and Service Delivery centers in US, UK, India and other Asian countries. YellowStone is the next generation Business Services Company and excels in helping large and emerging companies manage their non-core activities by designing innovative solutions using latest technology and quality framework. We leverage our expertise to deliver operational efficiencies to our clients in the area of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Digital Solutions, HR – Recruitment & Staffing Solutions and Managed Services.

Our clientele across the investor group companies includes multinational organizations spread across multiple business verticals and geographies. Our customer engagement model provides customers the assurance of quick response, quality of services and expected business outcomes. We invest considerable amount of time and energy in understanding our client’s business, processes and the impact that we can create through our services. We understand how business transformation plays a critical role in building futuristic solutions and delivering operational efficiencies. We believe that our teams play an important role in managing customer experience, diversity, complex processes and building creative & technology led solutions. We provide an empowering environment to our teams for collaborating with our clients and build competencies for their future needs.

Our People

Our Process


  • Project Scoping

  • Introduce Best Practices

  • Resource Allocation


  • Integrate Processes & Training

  • Setup Infrastructure & Connectivity Processes


  • Deploy Pilot

  • Monitor Process

  • Fine-tune Processes & Quality Structure


  • Full Scale Deployment

  • Process Monitoring & Reporting

  • On Going Managemment

Our Technology

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