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Partnering with global organizations to deliver outstanding customer experience through imbibing modern technology, developing innovative digital solutions and improving business processes to gain consistent and rapid business growth and build a strong value for all stakeholders.

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Case -1 Successful Journey of 72 hours Project

Yellowstone Myanmar successfully managed the “Ooredoo Myanmar Special 72 hours project for the new customer onboarding process” with 400+ Manpower from Yangon Office and Mandalay Office.

During that 72 hours, the whole team worked at the office entirely and the company also provided breakfast, lunch, dinner, and buffet Tea/Snacks. The company also allowed mother employees to bring their kids as well to the office and we have proper space for naps in our chill-out area.

We motivated each other, to get relaxed we listened to the music and played the Yoga as well team-wise.

Process Manager monitored the agent’s productivity hourly and provided cash incentive rewards for top productivity performers. Agents got motivated lots and they were too excited and tried hard to get cash incentive awards and the typing master award. The competitions happened not only to the individual but also between Yangon and Mandalay teams.

The entire Team is being rewarded with attractive cash incentives for their hard work and resilience. It was a proud moment for us that we have interacted with 1.2 Million + Customers in just 72 Hours.

Case Study 2-1
Case Study 2-2
Case Study 2-3

Case-2 Digital Literacy Campaign for Facebook & Ooredoo Myanmar

We had a successful Digital Literacy Campaign for Facebook, 101 Internet, GSMA & Ooredoo Myanmar in Rural areas of Shan State. The project is 90 days campaign to touch base in a rural area. The campaign happened with 2032 digital executives who visited door to door of the Shan State.

The Internet 101 campaign aims to inform and educate new users through one-on-one training at the rural level in Myanmar. How to use the internet, how to use Facebook, and how can apply the internet for their business. Training content, videos, and audio were prepared and designed by Yellowstone Myanmar with the client guideline.

This activity happened during the second wave of COVID with the approval of Myanmar’s Governance and authorities. The whole team follows all the COVID guidelines.

In the evening time, the digital executives’ team also has to join the class related to the campaign. After that, they have to sit the exam, and they also got a certificate and awards.

Our backend team is based in Yangon to capture all the information to share with the client. We had a touched base with more than 500,000 people (Old age, MiddleAge, and Young age) in 90 days at Shan State.

Yellowstone Myanmar trained and empowered over half of a million people around rural Myanmar, on the usage of the internet through samples of videos, questions, and answers. It was a great digital literacy campaign, we all felt good that we have shared good digital knowledge that they can apply in their daily life.

Case Study 3-1
Case Study 3-2
Case Study 3-3

Case-3 The Highest Quality Scores in ECAF Process

We are handling the SIM Registration process with 200+ Manpower for one of the leading telecom operators of Myanmar, Telenor Myanmar Limited. There are 2 key responsibilities;

1) Validation and Data Entry within SLA

2) Quality of Validation and Data Entry.

Initial days we had a few challenges to manage the quality scores. But over the period of 3 months, our quality performance was 95%+ and next 2 months we achieved 99.98%. Since that month our quality score is 99.5%+.

We had taken Challenge from the client to improve our quality and promise to have one day as Zero Error day in a month. To improve our quality we all tried together, Trainer provided refresher training, one to one training to poor performers, the Quality team gave instant feedback to the error contributors agents, Team leader started briefing section (2) times a day. Furthermore, we had done the daily feedback section via zoom calls every 9 PM. We tried to know the gap, did an error analysis, and we achieved 95% quality, and further months our quality scores were highest at 99.98%.

We touched six sigma accuracy comparable to any high-end Japanese system with a 100% quality score. The team also gets cash incentive awards, certificate awards, and quarterly awards from the respective client. It was one of our proud successful stories and we are still maintaining our good quality scores.

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Case Study 4-4

Case-4 We prefer the right candidate instead of experienceone

You won’t get a job without experience. This is what we always hear and what we are told. But in Yellowstone, we most welcome those who are enthusiastic, willing to learn, and eager to do whatever assign to them.

At Yellowstone, we proudly can say that we have trained over 2500+ youngsters and given them jobs. With training and development, this individual non-experienced candidate transformed into valuable employees who are bringing great new ideas to the table today.

This will be always remarkable and we always do the same that we hire – we train and we promote the people.

Case Study 5-1

Case-5 Switch to WFH Model within 24 hours

Altogether we were working with 500+ team members and the client asked to switch work from the home model within 24 hours of SLA. Our IT team was able to switch all team members to the work-from-home model in 18 hours. By using an encrypted VPN, the team had got access to all work-related applications and was able to work without any impact. Our Operations team was able to handle both Voice and Non-Voice processes from their home.

Case Study 1

Case -1 Successful Journey of 72 hours Project

Case Study 1

Case-2 Digital Literacy Campaign for Facebook& Ooredoo Myanmar

Case Study 1

Case-3 The Highest Quality Scores in ECAF Process

Case Study 1

Case-4 We prefer the right candidate instead of experienceone

Case Study 1

Case-5 Switch to WFH Model within 24 hours