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How BPO Companies Ensure Data security?

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How BPO Companies Ensure Data security?


How BPO Companies Ensure Data security?

  • Rajesh Grover (Head - Information Technology)
  • ...
  • Aug 8, 2023

With growing technology and usage of the internet, it has led to thinking more about data security. It is also true that BPOs are at high risk when it comes to data breaches due to a lack of sincerity when deploying security regulations and third-party access. Therefore, BPOs are compliant if they do not act or take measures to maintain their data privacy and clients' data. As most companies are moving their operational tasks to offshore BPOs, they demand that BPO partners are abiding to follow the global data security protocols. Hence, it becomes crucial for BPO to ensure and share the practice with clients on how they will maintain data integrity. 

Here are six data security measures that BPO should follow

Limit Access Control

Limit the access of data to those who require it for completing their job. That means data access should become role-based and hierarchy-based. An individual should get access to limited data and information that is relevant to their job profile. If an individual requires some rights over and above the desired one, there should be approval from immediate bosses or department heads. In addition, remote access should not be given to the employees as this sometimes leads to data breaching by unauthorized individuals. With this, BPOs can control unsafe access.

Employee Background Check

There should include a stringent policy to have a background check on the employees hired in BPO. Before releasing the offer letter, the checklist should be followed at all stages without a loophole.

Deploying a Secure Communication Network

BPOs generally operate in different time zones, which makes them 24*7 working. The availability of open communication channels makes it easier for hackers to attack the data. BPOs are then required to have secure communication channels with encrypted data and a protocol in place that should give the alert at the moment when some unauthorized activity is get encountered. Yellowstone has thus maintained all these communication channels secured using global protocols.

Client's Awareness towards Data Security

BPOs should proactively give specific guidelines regarding Dos and Don'ts' to their clients. Clients asked to update their credentials regularly. Hence, OTP-based logins should get promoted. BPOs should also inform the client about changes in guidelines for the better security of data.

Recruiting Specific IT Team

There should be a dedicated team of IT professionals who can immediately barge in and get all the systems online as soon as any malicious activity is triggered. This team should be highly qualified in recovering data and identifying the invading sources. 

 No Access to External Devices

Official Laptops & Desktops should not be permitted to access any USB, pen drives, hard drives, personal email accounts & social media accounts.

We at YellowStone are following all the parameters, as mentioned earlier, to provide ever-so-stringent services to secure the client's database. Our esteemed list of client base is testimony to this. 


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